Local hospital says child car seats can save lives

Local agencies donate child safety car seats

BRAWLEY, Calif. - Local law enforcement agencies and Pioneers Memorial Hospital teamed up on Saturday to help save children’s lives by donating over 50 child safety car seats.

Parents lined up from 7 a.m. till noon at the hospital’s north parking lot for the free car seats.

California Highway Patrol officers installed the seats and gave safety tips to parents. They said children less than eight years of age or measuring 4-foot-9-inches need a safety car seat or booster seat. Fines for not properly securing a child can go up to 700 hundred dollars.

Hospital officials said even a minor accident could cost a child’s life if they’re not properly secured.

Mario Salinas, PMH Public Affairs, said, “Having the proper car seat reduces injuries and fatalities during an accident in the event the child is in the vehicle. There’s been an increase in injuries for the lack of knowledge on how to install car seats. Therefore, by us having these type of car seat clinics will assist by reducing injuries.”

PMG, CHP and Brawley Police have donated over 200 child safety car seats to the public in the past four annual events.

Please watch our newscast for more details.


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