Local immigration attorney: New rule is discriminatory

Local immigration attorney New rule is discriminatory

YUMA, Ariz. - The Trump administration announced on Monday to dramatically limit the ability of Central American migrants to claim asylum if entering by land to the United States through Mexico. 

Local immigration attorney, Sebastian Sanchez said the new rule would not make a difference. He also added that the new law has several fine lines. 

 “It only applies to the southern border through the land, it does not mention anything about the northern border w/ Canada, international waters or by air," said Sanchez. 

Sanchez said this new regulation is discriminatory and could be a potential conflict with the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

“The rule is to apply for asylum in the third safe country first, however under (INA), it states that anyone in the U.S. or attempting to get into the U.S. may sign a petition for asylum," said Sanchez.   

He said that the new rule is only applicable to asylum, not making it a crime for illegal entry or re-entry. Meaning Central American migrants crossing through unauthorized areas will be sent back to their countries." 

“If you are from a country other than Mexico, the moment they try to enter the U.S. so they will be deported," said Sanchez. 

In 2018, only 21 percent of those seeking asylum were granted with their request, and 41 percent were denied. 


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