Local non-profits in Yuma hit breaking point with humanitarian aid

Local nonprofits in Yuma hit breaking point with humanitarian aid

YUMA, Ariz. - Local non-profits (NGO's) in the area are hitting a breaking point due to the influx of migrants being released into the Yuma community. 

The two main organizations in the area like the Yuma Community Food Bank and the Salvation Army are the two main organizations providing aid to the migrants being released into the Yuma area. 

“They are likely to experience more engagement directly as opposed through the shelter system, those things are more of a real emergency," said Mayor Nicholls.

Mayor Nicholls said that they have all had daily meetings to talk about the future and what can be done to help provide help to these families.

“To assist where we’ve been what’s the challenges we are facing and what are the most dramatic needs we need right now, they are our options for shelters locations," said  Mayor Nicholls.

If funding is approved by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, part of that funding could potentially go towards the NGO's.

“If his people agree that our situation is beyond our capability then they will provide funding that is available," said Mayor Nicholls.

He also added that the NGO's are looking for volunteers to help during this time. 

“People can help out by reaching out to Jeff with the Salvation Army, they are the ones to assign all the volunteers at the locations,"  said Mayor Nicholls.

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