Police identify man shot to death by SLPD

Man dies during officerinvolved shooting

SAN LUIS, Ariz. - UPDATE: According to The San Luis Police Department, the suspect has been identified as Jason Demarcus Larkin, 35, of San Luis.

SLPD said officers used a taser striking the suspect, but Larkin was not fazed by it. Larkin failed to comply with multiple demands and continued to advance towards the officers with the knives in his hand. This is when officers said shots were fired.

"But anytime an officer is engaged in deadly force in this particular case,  they went through what I consider to be the case for how to engage that. My understanding is that the least lethal was used first and was ineffective. The person still continued and then deadly force after that,” said Chief Richard Jessup, SLPD. 

YCSO claimed they received multiple calls about a man in the intersection. They added one caller described the man sticking their vehicle with knives. 

YCSO said they called SLPD for assistance because they were closer to the area. 

The man later pronounced dead at Yuma Regional Medical Center.


On Saturday at about 12:54, San Luis Police Department officers responded to County 19th Street and Avenue I to assist Yuma County Sheriff's Office. 

According to SLPD, officers responded to a man armed with a knife and blocking traffic. 

When SLPD arrived on the scene, officials say they encountered the male subject that was ultimately shot at the scene and later pronounced dead. 

A separate investigation of the incident is being investigated by Yuma County Sheriff's Office. 

The case is still under investigation, and this article will be updated as further details come in. 

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