Local school ramping up security in the wake of mass shootings

Local school ramping up security in the wake of mass shootings

YUMA, Ariz. - Given the current state of school shootings in the country, one school in Yuma is ramping up security.

Ronald Reagan Elementary is making sure there's only one way in for people entering the campus. 

“With all of the issues happening at different schools throughout the country, it will be something very common in the schools," said Chris Pilkington, Vice-President of the construction.

After almost five years, the world was shaken after 26 innocent lives were taken at Sandy Hook Elementary school including 20 kids, ages 6 and 7 years old. 

That tragedy is what Principal Thomas Fletcher of Ronald Reagan said prompted this new security. The new security structure is built-in with 'ballistic glass,' meaning it's bulletproof and resistant to forced entry. 

“People cannot get into the building, all doors are now locked, the only way through the building, it’s all glass we can now see people coming and have a really clear picture of who's coming in," said Fletcher. 

The security remodels cost about two-hundred thousand dollars, according to the construction workers. 

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