Local teacher accepted to exclusive NASA program

Local teacher goes to NASA

YUMA, Ariz. - A special education teacher from Crane School District was selected to attend a selective program called NASA Social at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Her love for space science and education was what made her keep applying after being rejected 7 times.

Lisa Love, a teacher for students with intellectual disabilities realized learning about space science was not in her school's curriculum. But, she didn't want her students to miss out on learning about space and miss out on the opportunity to love it just as much as she does. 

She wanted others to realize that one doesn't have to be a mathematical genius in order to love space.

The most memorable part of the NASA program for Love was getting the chance to watch the test launch of NASA's Orion Spacecraft, Ascent Abort-2. 

She said learning about all the tests NASA did for just one launch made her realize that mistakes are an inevitable and vital part of being human. For just one rocket launch, even NASA has to do dozens and dozens of failed tests.

"What if, instead of trying to avoid mistakes, and create a fear of mistakes, we follow NASA's example and accept the fact that it's not an IF, it is a WHEN and we just start adding the inevitable mistakes into the equation of everything?" said Love. "What if we tested those mistakes and learned from them and went back to the drawing board and tested again, and again, and again?"

You can read her full blog post on her experience here.

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