Local teenager goes above and beyond for a better education

Local teenager overcomes obstacles

YUMA, Ariz. - One local girl, 16-year-old Gabby Parris, is not letting her struggles get in the way of finishing her high school education.

Growing up as a teenager can be demanding at times and teens are supposed to fulfill school requirements and also meet demands at home.

Parris is not your typical teenager. Parris has a passion for volunteering at local programs to help the community and even animals. She’s also an advance junior at the high school level, expected to graduate this year before her friends.

Her journey has faced a few hiccups along the way especially when she says her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

School and her love for volunteering were tough to manage, along with making time to help her mom and family out. Parris recalls, “She went into remission and everything for that. but she’s also had other health problems come up along the way and it’s been such a blessing to be at home to help.”

Gabby had to ditch the traditional school curriculum and turn to online classes with Insight Academy of Arizona, or ISAZ, to fulfill her educational needs and family time.

With online classes, Parris has had a more flexible schedule. She is now able to work at multiple church events and volunteer at local non-profits, like at Old Souls K-9 Animal Rescue and Retirement. According to Parris, she helps out by bathing and feeding the animals and, “Making sure they’re watered and have lots of love.”

If you think you're struggling to make your dreams come true, Gabby has a message for you.

“If it’s something that you really want to do then make time for it and do it cuz it can lead to a whole list of things that you never thought you could accomplish. you can do it.”

The next step for Gabby is to attend Arizona Western College next year to become a hospice nurse.



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