Man indicted for murdering two young girls

Arizona man charged in murder of two young girls

According to officials, 36-year-old Christopher Clements is wanted in connection with murdering two young girls-Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzales.

In March 2017, the remains of 6-year-old Isabel Celis were found after reported missing from her home in April 2012. In June 2014, the body of 13-year-old Maribel Gonzales was found in Avra Valley where she was last seen walking to her friend's house earlier that month, according to police. 

Records have shown between 2007 and 2012, Clements had several Tucson addresses including an apartment complex about two miles away from 6-year-old Isabel's home.

Clements is currently in custody in Maricopa County for an unrelated burglary and fraud case but is facing more charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping a minor under 15, and second-degree burglary. Clements has also been found guilty of failing to register as a sex offender in the state of Florida, violating a protective order against stalking and telephonic harassment in Oregon, and proving false information to the Tucson Police Department twice in 2007.


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