Military members more vulnerable to scams

Scam in military

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) finds military families at higher risk for fraud.

Military consumers report losing a median of $200 when falling victim to a scam, according to the BBB Scam Tracker. 

That number is 32% higher than the $152 reported by all consumers in 2018. One reason is due to relocation which forces military consumers to make quicker purchasing decision than the general population, according to the Bureau.

Another factor includes moving to a new location. It can make it difficult to find secure, stable, employment for spouses and other family members. 

Military consumers filed more complaints about securing and maintaining their homes, moving, and purchases related to relocation than the general population, and they also reported higher rates of losing money to home improvement scammers. 

The high rate of fraud happens despite protections that are in place to protect service members and their families. 

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