More than 1,000 apprehended by agents in three days

1000 apprehended in three days

YUMA, Ariz. - A trend Yuma sector border patrol agents have been seeing for months has continued with nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants crossing into the Yuma area in the last few days, according to Yuma sector border patrol.

Most of these entries are happening near County 9th street, an area where there's only a shallow body of water, explained Agent Jose Garibay, Yuma sector border patrol.

Agents explained almost 750 illegal immigrants crossed over the weekend and more than 300 crossed Monday.

Agent Garibay added the area is guarded by vehicle barriers, which are not meant to deter large groups of people. 

Yuma sector will see new infrastructure, according to Agent Garibay.

"We have been approved for additional infrastructure here and we will be getting it in the near future," said agent Garibay."There is no reinforced concrete footer to keep them from digging under as well as coming over.
Agents add that the amount of money they have spent on the humanitarian aspect of this crisis is more than $500,000 just this year. 

They say this money is coming out of their overall budget meant to supply their national security mission.

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