Nation-wide lights for liberty vigil in Yuma

Nationwide lights for liberty vigil in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. - Nation-wide, hundreds of Lights for Liberty vigils are taking place at certain ICE detention centers, and at U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities, including in the Desert Southwest. 

The Arizona Resist, Yuma County Democratic Party, and the Yuma County Indivisible group will be organizing today's vigil with two-hundred people expected to participate. 

Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party, Bryan Rasmussen, said this demonstration is to showcase the human rights issues on both sides of the spectrum.  

It’s not a crime to seek asylum into the United States, it’s not a crime to cross the border to present yourself to border patrol agents just to seek asylum. We are treating these people like if they’re criminals," said Rasmussen. 

Rasmussen wants the community to address those who work in the agencies as well. 

Agents at the border patrol is being forced to do a job that they did not sign up for, it’s easy to demonize them in this situation, but it’s something forced by the administration," said Rasmussen.



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