New activated and cashless Monopoly game released

Where are all the Monopoly lovers at? Hasbro releases it's first voice-activated and cashless Monopoly on July 1, according to INSIDER.

INSIDER reports the Monopoly Voice Banking comes with Mr. Monopoly's top hat that keeps track of player's cash and properties in the game. So if you are trying to sneak extra money, that's a no go here. 

According to INSIDER, the game will be available for $29.99 at most retailers.

"Voice activated and voice recognition products are now part of our everyday lives and we're excited to bring Monopoly into this ever-growing trend and give fans a new way to experience the classic game," Jen Boswinkel, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing for Monopoly told INSIDER.

How the voice-activated game works

The new edition comes with Mr. Monopoly's hat which can be assembled and requires three "AA" batteries. INSIDER reports each player corresponds to their character and gets a command which allows them to tell Mr. Monopoly a list of commands. When it's your turn, press the character button and wait for the top hat to light up, and say one of your commands that's on your reference card. 

What does Mr. Monopoly sound like?

INSIDER reports that Hasbro does not confirm who voices the famous board, but that he certainly sounds a lot younger than he looks. 

The new game is also for two to four players instead of the usual six and you can play as one of four characters such as T. Rex, cat, dog, or race car while wearing Mr. Monopoly's hat. 


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