New doctor arrives in Yuma helping kids with diabetes

New doctor helps children with diabetes
YUMA, Ariz. - There's a new doctor in town who is bringing much needed help to children dealing with diabetes.
Now, families won't need to travel to Phoenix or San Diego to get the help they need.
Dr. Manal Habib is the first full time Pediatric Endocrinologist in Yuma. She arrived in September and before her starting date she was already booked with appointments. 
The Miller family shares their struggle before Dr. Habib. 
"For the first year and a half we were traveling to Phoenix and you couldn't wait to see the doctor but by the time you got to see the doctor there was three months in between and we have to take care of our daughter with no support," Tawnee Miller said. "I mean it's 24/7. You don't go to bed at night and wake up in the morning and start it all over again, you're up at least two times a night with your daughter," she added.
Dr. Habib sees children with hormone disturbances, that includes thyroid, diabetes, as well as other things like metabolic problems like cholesterol or calcium deficiencies.
For many, Dr. Habib has brought peace of mind. "I sleep better at night knowing that she's a phone call away," Miller said.
The high demand of Dr. Habib begs the question, how many kids in Yuma are in suffering from type one and type two diabetes?
Habib says children with diabetes are much more common than we think.
She adds, "I think many people don't like to talk about it may be because there are no support groups and no support in the community." "I think a lot of people don't share these things and they are traveling long distances to get this taken care of," she said.

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