New solar farm to be built in Dateland

Solar Plant near Dateland

DATELAND, Ariz. - The town of Dateland will soon have another major solar plant farm in the area that is sure to bring a lot of jobs to the community. 

The Yuma County board of supervisors unanimously approved the project just over a month ago. It is said to be located just two miles west of avenue 64 E and Palomas road near Dateland.

The solar facility that has yet to be named will be able to use 2,000 acres of former farmland. The special use permit will allow the company, Viktoria Solar to create this solar farm. The company is based out of North Carolina and the hope is that production can start this year and the final project will be finished by the end of 2020. We spoke to Darren Simmons, a county supervisor who shares why this location was chosen for the solar plant. 

"Well it's just a good area for the simple fact that there isn't a lot of farming going on out there. There's no water source other than well, so solar is just a really good fit for out there. 2,050 acres is what they are looking at doing," said Darren Simmons, Dist. 3 County Supervisor. 

Dateland is becoming quite the solar community with Agua Caliente Solar farm already calling the area home since 2012. It is owned by NRG Energy and MidAmerican Energy Holdings and is currently the world's biggest photovoltaic solar power plant. 



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