NextGen America recruits Arizona voters ahead of primary elections

NexGen Taco Talk

Yuma,Arizona - With Arizona's primary next Tuesday, NextGen America is making their last effort to register student voters. 

"These midterms are the beginning of radical change for us," said Kaley Keane, an organizer with NextGen America.

NextGen America partnered with Zee Grill to host a 'Taco Talk'  to create voter dialogue Tuesday.

"Students are unrepresented and they're the largest base of voters," Kaley adds, "Because of accessibility, a lot of them [students] don't register to vote. So we're out by Arizona Western College to be accessible to students so they have a voice in local and state government." 

Each student who stopped by were given complimentary tacos and could either register to vote or take a small survey in what issues matter most to them. 

Roxanna Monreal, a mother of four who lives in Yuma, feels concerned about education funding for her children's future. 

"It's been affecting them [students] and with all the walkouts last semester, it gets them behind in school because the teachers need education funding."

Juan, a student at AWC, focused on immigration with the hopes of its improvement in the future. 

"I just think everyone should have the right to come over, but just do it the right way." 

According to NextGen America, there are 11,000 voters registered statewide. They hope to have 20,000 by November. 
For more information on NextGen and how to register to vote, click here.

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