Plane crash survivor proving skeptics wrong

PHOENIX, Ariz. - A 20-year-old man is proving skeptics wrong with his recovery after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a plane crash in the year 2017. 

Not many thought Brody Burnell would make it after crashing near Deer Valley Airport in 2017, but he is now walking and talking. 

"I don't know why am so funny. Nothing seems like it's going to tear you down. Never. Why is that? I'm looking forward to the future, Looking forward to being a boss. That's the sign of the future," said Burnell. 

Burnell spent months in hospitals across the country and three months in a coma. 

"We prayed that he would talk, and now we can't keep him quiet. So, you get what you pray for," said Steve Burnell, his father. 

Brody is now walking with the help of a cane or walker, even on a treadmill and Laura Baumert, his Physical Therapist says he is a fighter. 

"A lot of people well you know kind of throw in the towel and ask how much longer how much longer? But Brody has never said that," said Baumert. \

Burnell was flying the plane when it crashed in August of 2017 and his friend Chandler Riesterer was with him and was also critically hurt, but made a quick recovery. 


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