Preliminary results for Imperial County races

IV elections

With polls officially closed just hours ago, voting officials are tallying up the finals results. Officials say, turn outs have been on par with past primary elections. 

Preliminary results have been posted by the Registrars of Voters office and we're following some local races here in the valley.  For the Westmoreland council members, Ana Beltran leads the group with 31% of the votes so far, followed by Henry D. Graham Jr. and Lawrence Ritchie. 


For the Imperial County District Attorney, Gilbert Otero is in front with 56% of the votes and Edgard Garcia with 44% .

Alex Cardenas is in the lead for Imperial Irrigation District Division 1, with 55% and Juanita Salas is currently behind with 48%.

For IID Divsion 3, James Hank is on top with 54% of the votes and Raul Navarro has 47%.

And finally for IID Division 5, Norma Galindo leads the group with 37% followed by Carlos Zaragoza with 27% and James "Jimmy" Horn with 22%.

These are some of the preliminary results of the Primary elections in the Imperial County. 

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