Primary election luncheon helps gather candidates

Yuma Civic Center


YUMA, Ariz. - The 2018 primary election is August 28th and the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and various other state and local elections will take place.

A luncheon was held at the Yuma Civic Center Thursday with some of the state candidates, including those running for Arizona State Senate. 

District 13 candidates such as Michelle Harris, Brent Backus, Sine Kerr, and Don Shooter were all in attendance to voice their platform for the state of Arizona. They also discussed what they can bring to the table if elected.

Republican Brent Backus shared his stance on immigration and how building a wall is a must for our security while Democrat Michelle Harris emphasized the education crisis in our state. 

"I'm tired of the political cronyism that exists in the political process here in Arizona. You the voter has to have a relationship with your representative and I think we can do that and work together," said Brent Backus, (R) Arizona State Senate candidate. 

"I believe that you have to have trust in your elected official to be working on your behalf and for the betterment of you and your family. I haven't seen that in our elected officials from this legislative district. You can expect me to show up. You can expect me to respond to your emails, return your phone calls and attend your events. You can expect me to be in your communities," said Michelle Harris, (D) Arizona State Senate candidate.  

This is both Backus and Harris' first time running in the state of Arizona.

Backus said his approach is on the conservative side like Shooter, but the major difference between them is trust. He feels as if he is a candidate that is going to be truthful and real to the public.

While education is a major concern of Harris', the Arizona native and retired Air-Force veteran believes healthcare is another major issue and the need for healthcare expansion is a must. 

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