Quintero trial continued, chilling letters detailed day 4

YUMA, Ariz. - Oscar Quintero allegedly wrote chilling letters to the mother of his children, detailed inside the Yuma County Superior courtroom Friday morning.

The State of Arizona placing a letter found inside Clarissa Medina’s car that read, “but I told you that I won’t forgive you if you give your body (temple) to another man.” Another line read, “you are mine and I won’t share what belongs to me.”

This all revealed while a Somerton Police Department (SPD) detective took the stand and described what was found when search warrants allowed SPD to search the cars of Medina and Quintero.

Inside Medina’s car was also her victim’s rights form related to a previous domestic violence report she filed with SPD involving Quintero.

The date not matching the reported date of the incident led the defense to call for a mistrial; however, the judge denied the motion.

Also taking the stand was the firefighter that walked Quintero to the bathroom the night he allegedly showed up at the Somerton-Cocopah Fire Department’s kitchen door.

The firefighter detailed seeing a bulge on Quintero.

The SPD detective detailed finding a handgun and a magazine inside the bathroom that Quintero was in during the arrest.

The SPD detective also detailed interviewing Quintero after the murder.

He explained that Quintero allegedly told him his cousin dropped him off at the public safety building after he told his cousin he punched someone.

We will update this article as the trial continues.

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