Residents upset at Calexico gas station

Residents upset at Calexico gas station

CALEXICO, Calif. - A Calexico woman is taking legal action against a local gas station. 

The AMPM gas station on Kloke Road in Calexico refused to give Rosa Hernandez her money back after the gas station's pump didn't work. 

"He told me, that to him it appeared that I had already pumped gas. I told him no, nothing came out, the machine didn’t even turn on. He didn’t believe me. He said someone had either robbed the gas, or my car’s gas gauge didn’t work, but it did," said Hernandez.

The employee went outside to check Hernandez's gas gauge and saw it was on empty, but told her it probably didn’t work and there was nothing he could do. 

After minutes of arguing, the store’s manager agreed to give Hernandez part of her money back.



“He said he would return part of my money back as a favor, so I wouldn't leave on empty. He wasn't doing me a favor, they need to return to me my forty dollars, I didn't give them partial money," Hernandez said. 

A Calexico police officer came to the scene, but said there was nothing he could do and told Hernandez to leave. 

Hernandez said those were the last $40 she had.

“I went to my mom’s house and had to borrow money to go to another gas station," she said. 

Hernandez took to social media to post what had happened to her. The Facebook post sparked outrage and resulted in over 1,000 shares. People with similar stories at that same gas station flooded the comments section. 

“Usually the pumps are not working, I have to go in and tell them it’s not working and they have to put it back on," said Eliza Ibarra, Calexico Resident.  

Hernandez said she is now taking legal action so this doesn't happen again to someone else. 

Imperial County Weights and Measures, went to the gas station and did not find a problem with the gas pump.

Hernandez says she is not backing down, "the cameras will show what really happened." 



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