San Pasqual school to meet with students after incident

WINTERHAVEN, Calif. - According to school officials, a student improperly brought medication on the San Pasqual Elementary School campus Tuesday that could have led to other students becoming in contact with this medication. 

In a statement, San Pasqual Elementary School principal, Ruben Gonzalez, said no students were harmed or were under the influence of any of the medication during the incident. 

School officials attempted to contact all parents of affected students and notified those parents they were able to reach.

The student(s) involved will not return to school until the results of the disciplinary investigation are concluded, Gonzalez said in the statement.


San Pasqual Valley Unified School District officials are responding to an alleged incident that involved either drugs or alcohol at San Pasqual Valley Elementary School on Wednesday.

According to the school's Facebook page, officials will be taking steps to prevent a future incident from happening.

Drug and alcohol classes will be held for affected students through either ADAPP or Imperial County Behavioral Health. School officials will also meet with all students and parents involved. Drug and alcohol presentations will be offered for students through the Imperial County Sheriff's Department, and the District will schedule police canines as soon as they're available.

No students were harmed in the incident, according to the school.

The school is asking parents to talk to their child or notify the District Office if you notice or hear anything about drugs or alcohol on campus.

Discplinary measures for these students will not be discussed, according to the school. 

News 11 is still confirming information with law enforcement officials. 

Stay with KYMA for these developing details. 



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