Second alarm fire in Seeley

Second alarm fire in Seeley

SEELEY, Calif. - Earlier Tuesday morning, a barn that was storing tons of haystacks was engulfed in flames leaving a giant cloud of smoke.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and jumped into action to contain a massive haystack fire. Battalion Chief Angel Morales, of the Imperial County Fire Department, said the heat from the fire was hot enough the beams of the barn collapsed. 

"They're burning down in the smoldering phase. The wind picks up and could spread some embers and continue to burn exposures," said Morales. 

Firefighters said haystack fires are difficult to extinguish. They'll have to maintain the fire for the time being.

Morales said, "We are going to have fire personnel on scene for the next day or two. The facility is also going to supply some personnel so they can stay here all night and assist us."

Morales advised residents in the area to take health cautions for the next few days.  

"The smoke is going to be dissipating down to the east. The worry would be to stay away from the area. If you live nearby close your windows and stay indoors," said Morales. 

Officials said over a million dollars in property damage was lost in the fire.  

Morales said, "At this point, we're guesstimating the hay's going to be about $600,000 and the haybarn itself would be about a little over $700,000."

Officials said arson is being ruled out.

Morales added, "This was newly cut hay. Which leaves us to believe that it's spontaneous."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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