Senior citizens worry about solid waste transfer facility

Residents claim plant is too close to their homes

Waste plant woes

YUMA, Ariz. - A solid waste transfer facility could be coming to the City of Yuma but some of the area's senior citizens aren’t too happy about it.

Yuma Zoning Commission documents show it will be just 600-feet from homes between 20th and 24th Streets and Pacific Avenue. 

Several residents of Sunrise Mobile Estates tell News 11 they feel like they were left in the dark about all of this. They don't feel they were properly notified about the Planning Commission meeting.  

However, The City of Yuma says it notified the property owner as required. 

Residents of the park say they're concerned about their safety and health.

One veteran, who has called the community home for fifteen years, says this is the first major concern he has had since moving in. 

I am a Vietnam veteran. I suffer currently from the effects of hazardous chemicals. I know you don’t have to take a bath in it to be affected by them, explained Carl Harrison, resident

Planning and zoning commission minutes show the project will "not be detrimental to the health and safety, or general welfare of persons living or working in the area."

However, some waste inside the facility could include water-based ink, propane, and contaminated debris.

Residents also raise noise concerns, but minutes show the project would have five trucks per day maximum and limited forklift activity.  It's not believed the facility will generate excessive noise.

The planning and zoning commission meets Monday to decide whether the project will more forward or require additional research. A majority of the Sunrise residents plan to attend.  

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