Smoke shops react to possible e-cig ban

Smoke shops react to possible ecig ban

BRAWLEY, Calif. - The Trump Administration has announced they're making moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes from being sold at stores.

This announcement comes at the heels of a report that says, six people have died in the U.S. from lung disease and according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment the deaths are related to vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. 

The Imperial Valley Tobacco Shop said a ban on flavored e-cigarettes will definitely affect their sales, but they say they have no choice but to adapt to the new changes. 

“You’re inhaling these chemicals and just like regular tobacco, they’re coming directly into the lungs.  In this case, it’s the chemicals that are getting stuck to the lungs and affecting the brain as well,” said Fernanda Lynch, Health Program Coordinator for Imperial County Tabacco Education Project.

A recent survey by the National Youth Tobacco shows a continued rise of youth e-cigarette use and according to data collected by the Imperial County’s Public Health Department, 15% of the valley’s youth uses tobacco. 

“The nicotine that’s in there can affect the brain. The brain development continues about till the age of 25. We hear of kids, not just in high school using these products, but also in Jr. high,” said Lynch. 

“It kinda sucks because that’s one of the main things that everybody buys. So we just got to adapt, move on, and find other ways to make sales,” said Jonathan Morales, IV Smoke Shop. 

Morales said they don’t allow minors to enter their store or buy products. But according to health officials, youth are obtaining e-cigarette products online.

“There’s a lot of responsibility to go around. Some part of it, is on the parents too, for not checking up on them and seeing how it’s possible for their kids to afford it,” said Morales. 

“Parents not knowing what it is and what these devices look like and how harmful they really are,” said Lynch. 

Local health officials said they are working hard to educate parents and the community about the effects of e-cigarettes.

The FDA said they are still working on finalizing a policy to ban e-cigarettes, but they said it will be ready in the coming weeks.

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