Somerton murder suspect pleads not guilty

Accused Somerton murder suspect pleads not guilty

YUMA, Ariz. - A man accused in a Somerton shooting on the town's Main Street that left one person dead and a second person injured has pleaded not guilty.

During a court appearance Wednesday morning in Yuma County Superior Court, 25-year-old Oscar Quintero pleaded not guilty to charges of one count of first-degree murder per domestic violence, one count of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. 

Family members of the deceased victim, 24-year-old Clarissa Medina, and the second victim 22-year-old Hugo Ponce Verdugo, were present in the court and did not wish to speak before the judge. 

Afterward, the state brought up the defendants decision as to what they wish to do on the no bond issue. The case initially started out as a no bond eligible case.

The defense argued given the nature of the charges this would be indeed a bond eligible case. However, at this time they did not request a bond hearing. 

"In the future, if we decide to do that we will file a motion request at a hearing to be set. At this time we are not requesting a hearing," said defense attorney Eugene Marquez. 

Court found that the defendant is not eligible for bond. However, the court is willing to allow the defense at some point, if the defendant wishes, to file a motion to request either a bond hearing on a later date. 

On Jan. 3 police received reports of several gun shots fired in the area of Main Street and Bingham Avenue where they found two gunshot victims in a parking lot. 

Police arrested Quintero that same night after they located his car parked in close proximity to the shooting. 

Quintero's next court date, a case management conference, is set for May 9. 



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