Sports equipment stolen from Southwest High School

Sports equipment stolen from Southwest High School

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Both the baseball and softball programs at Southwest High School suffered a major blow after school officials discovered a significant amount of sports equipment was stolen Tuesday night. 

Everything from bats, helmets, and baseball gloves were among the many items that were stolen.

While the sports equipment can be replaced, many of the items stolen were personally bought by players that held sentimental value.

Ruben Valenzuela, Southwest High School Athletic Director, said, "The helmets for our girls show their achievements over the past couple of years. To them that was important. And can it be replaced? Sure. But is it the same they were wearing when they earned all of those accolades that are on that helmet? No."

The school said they are working with law enforcement to provide better security on campus and improved their locks on the containers.

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