State rep. says Yuma feedlot not tied to E. coli outbreak

Outbreak was linked to romaine lettuce from Yuma

PHOENIX - An Arizona state representative is alleging that the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) claims on the recent E. coli outbreak in Yuma being linked to a feedlot are not based on facts.

In a report, the FDA suggested that the canal is close to the cattle feedlot where the lettuce was grown in Yuma. Although they did not state a specific source, the investigation is still ongoing. 

Representative David Cook (R-8) sent a letter to the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Wednesday regarding a pending report where the FDA claims the outbreak being linked to a feedlot. 

In the letter, Cook states that the outbreak is in fact not linked to the feedlot. Cook also said the claims are unsubstantiated and have far-reaching effects against the industry and are dangerous insinuations not based on facts. 

"I am requesting a stop to this report that has been based on a hypothesis. For the full weight of consequences that this entails, we must rely on scientific data and definitive connections," Cook said. 

The FDA plans on releasing a final report with additional samples and examining a possible connection with the feedlot, the water near it, and other factors that could explain the contamination and how it relates to the outbreak. 

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