NEW DETAILS: Escaped murder suspects captured

Couple taken into custody near Payson

PHOENIX, Ariz. - The United States Marshals Office today revealed new details about the capture of a fugitive couple accused of murder.  

Marshals say Blane and Susan Barksdale murdered an elderly Tucson man, stealing more than a hundred guns from his home, and then setting the house on fire. 

They escaped custody during extradition from New York to Arizona on August 26th, and have been on the run ever since.

Marshals finally captured them Wednesday night outside of Payson

They say the couple was hiding out in a home in a remote area in the Tonto National Forest.

They also say Blane Barksdale was extremely combative during his arrest. Marshals had to use a taser to get him under control.

Susan Barksdale was arrested quickly and without incident.

The couple already faces charges of murder, burglary, and arson.  It's likely they'll also face charges in connection with their escape.

Marshals say they're now investigating any possible accomplices who may have sheltered the Barksdales while they were on the run.








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