Suspect allegedly robs sunglasses off employee's face, arrested when he returned

Homeless man is charged with attacking store employee over pair of sunglasses

CALEXICO, Calif. - Police said 32-year-old Jesse Romero is behind bars because he saw a nice pair of sunglasses he liked on someone’s face, and allegedly took them by force. When the victim resisted, Romero allegedly attacked him.

Officer Anthony Aguirre said, “The victim raised his arm to block the punch that the suspect attempted to hit him, assaulting him.”

The incident happened recently in downtown Calexico around 7 a.m. The victim immediately called 911.

“He has been robbed, that the suspect refusing to leave took his sunglasses off his face and attempted to hit him,” Aguirre said.

The suspect fled. Police showed the victim a photo lineup of possible suspects.

“And the victim was able to point out exactly who it was, positively identify him,” Aguirre said.

Later that day, police went back to the store to get more information from the victim and were surprised to see Romero hanging around outside the store.

The victim wasn’t there at the time, and while they’re on the scene, the suspected happened to be outside in the area. Immediately he was detained and arrested, Aguirre said.

Police said Romero is homeless and that crimes by homeless people are increasing.

We do have a lot of them that go downtown in Calexico area, and decide to steal or create a crime. We do have a lot of crime regarding homeless people in the downtown area, Aguirre said.

Romero is facing battery, assault and robbery charges. The victim’s sunglasses were not recovered.

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