Suspect arrested in taxi carjacking at knife point

Suspect arrested in taxi carjacking

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico resident Raul Medina, 48, is behind bars for allegedly carjacking a taxi at knife point on Sunday night. Police said it started at Rockwood and Highway 98.

Officer Sean Acuna said, “That’s where it began and just by luck an officer happened to be in that area, spotted the vehicle and immediately began to follow that vehicle.”

Medina had gotten in a California Cab and allegedly threatened the driver with a knife. The driver jumped out and called 911.

“The officer immediately spotted the suspect vehicle. And the vehicle initially failed to yield for the officer. The vehicle finally stopped in the 200th block of D.R. Kincaid where a high-risk stop was initiated.”

Police explained how a high-risk stop takes place.

“The officer will call out the driver at gunpoint, give him commands to exit the vehicle, and essentially walk back towards the officer’s voice. At that point, the subject will be asked to kneel down and will be taken into custody.”

Medina surrendered without incident. A knife used in the alleged carjacking was recovered at the scene.

Antonio Meza, a Calexico Cab taxi driver, said he’s resigned to the dangers their work carries with it.

“It’s a job that we have to do every day, and unfortunately we can pick someone up who’s a good person or a criminal,” Meza said.

The taxi driver was not injured during the incident.

Medina is charged with car jacking and auto theft.


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