Top Arizona recruit honors his mom's memory through football

Top recruit honors his mom through football


Barry Goldwater high school sophomore, David Valdez is among the top recruits in the class of 2021 for high school football.  He plays both cornerback and receiver.

"Every time I see someone in front of me I just think about buying my parents a house and they are the only person in front of me stopping me from doing that."

His mentality is to protect those around him, so every time he steps on the field he sees his opponent as the only thing in his way which is why he is aggressive on the field and is determined to push his opponents out his way.

Valdez is among three other teammates that are also on the route to becoming Arizona's top 2021 recruits. The team is composed of mostly sophomores and they are determined to be a competitive force.

Though Valdez made the varsity team his freshmen year,  he suffered a shoulder injury that would end his season.

Despite the injury, he says he is working hard so he can play this upcoming season and make a difference on the field. But, going through hardships and overcoming them is something Valdez has learned to do. After losing his mother to cancer when he was 13-years-old, his motivation to be an impact on the field grew and reach his dreams grew. 

"Like since then I dedicated every game to her and I always write something on me, like I will tape my wrist and then write her on me... I always think about her and pray about it before the game," shared Valdez.



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