Victim's mother speaks out after 5th Street shooting

Victims mother speaks out after 5th Street shooting

YUMA, Ariz. - After Michelle Greco's son and two of his roommates were shot in their own home, she is making a plea for justice. 

Greco's son, Grady Baxter, and his two roommates, Javier Sanchez and Nicholas Grabbe, were shot to death in their home on Labor Day.

Greco recounted the moment she heard her son was shot. 

"There's something going on. There's people going in and out of Grady's house. So, I jumped up and had a neighbor run me over there and they wouldn't let me go past the police tape," said Greco.

She arrived at their home and learned that there were three victims involved in a shooting. 

Greco said that Grady's car was not outside his home the day the shooting happened. The car was later located at an assisted living home.

She said she just wants justice for the boys she called her sons. 

"I really just want to know why and then it hit me. I may never know why. We may never get that answer, even if we get the killer, we may never know why. That really hit me this morning. It's hard because they didn't deserve this," said Greco.

Greco did admit that Baxter was selling his own medical marijuana, but said it does not make sense he would die over it. 

"It almost feels like a revenge or a hate thing, just the way it was because in my mind if I'm going to go in an rob somebody. I would take all of the electronics. I mean they had expensive electronics in there," said Greco. 

She remembers her son for making those around him smile. 

"He always made everyone smile. If you were down and out, he would help you work through that and he would get you to smile," said Greco.

There will be a car wash held on Saturday at Hamburger Stand on Pacific Avenue for Baxter's funeral expenses and a service for all three boys at Grace Bible Fellowship on September 22. 

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