Local welder encourages women empowerment through workshops

Local welder encourages women empowerment through workshops

YUMA, Ariz. - Shanen Aranmor, founder of "Weld Like a Girl" took her love of teaching and passion for welding and turned it into a business promoting women empowerment.

"Weld Like a Girl" opened its doors in April 2017. 
Former college professor for wellness and psychology at Arizona Western College (AWC), Aranmor saw a need in her students.

"I was constantly looking for ways that students could connect with their stress but not in a formal book-like way," she said.

She started blacksmithing as a hobby, then realized hitting hot steel with a hammer was therapeutic.

Aranmor began taking welding classes at AWC when she realized her true passion was for welding. While taking classes she thought up the idea of one day opening her own business offering welding workshops to empower young women.

Until that dream would eventually come to fruition, the real "go-getter" set her sights on working for one of the top welding manufacturing companies in the country, Miller Electric.

"When people would ask my husband what does your wife do, he would say she teaches men how to weld and in her spare time she teaches women how to weld," Aranmor said.
Women empowerment is a major staple at "Weld Like a Girl" located on south 3rd avenue. The concept is to help boost self-esteem through welding and creativity. 
But the classes aren't just for girls. Men and women ages ranging from eight years old to 83-years-old can take a class with Aranmor. 
From couples classes to special Halloween themed welding classes, you can find all of the upcoming classes on 

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