Who will be crowned Donut King or Queen?

Annual competition is days away

The year was 1979, and for many Americans it was a time of mourning as they said goodbye to disco. But, in Yuma Arizona a family had just planted roots and went on to became a go-to source for everyone's sweet tooth. Goldsboro Bakery has become a staple in the Desert Southwest offering patrons delicious delights and unique cakes fit for any occasion. 

   Fast forward four decades and the bakery looks something out of an Edward Hopper painting as customers sit enjoying a fresh cup of Joe and conversing with staff which can only be described as the perfect way top start the day. But, this visit wasn't about coffee of donuts, well partially wasn't about donuts. We visited the bakery to talk to the owner Bobby Goldsboro about their annual contest set to kick off in just a week's time. 

   Goldsboro said that the idea came to him as he watched the news and saw other communities hosting eating contest on June seventh which is National Donut Day. His family has been involved with the Yuma Kids Cuddle Kit Closet a local non-profit that provides children in distress with supplies such as clothing, books and toys. So, Goldsboro decided to host an eating contest and give the proceeds to the non-profit. 

   Now, the Goldsboro family prides itself in the less than normal size of their donuts which he says proves to be an obstacle for competitors. He tells us that although, their glazed donuts are delicious many have run into difficulties five or six donuts into the contest. Signing up for the contest is simple just visit the bakery pay the $10 entry fee and you're good to go. On the line is of course bragging rights and a $100 in prize money. 

   The event is set to happen on National Donut Day June 7, 2019 at 10 am. For more details you can check out their Facebook page or call the bakery. For details on the non-profit their link is at the bottom.


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