Woman arrested for trying to cash fake checks twice at same store

Woman arrested for trying to cash fake checks in Calexico

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico Police said 23-year-old Priscilla Lizbeth Coronado was caught trying to cash a fraudulent check at a downtown money exchange store on Saturday, just one day before Christmas Eve, but the owner was onto her.

Calexico Police Officer Marco Mardueno said, “The owner recognized this female suspect because a week prior she had cashed already a check. So, when she showed up again, he recognized her immediately.”

The owner called police without Coronado knowing he did. Then, he stalled for time making small talk with her.

“I’ll cash your check but just hold on a little bit and that’s when he calls us,” Mardueno said.

Police got there and Coronado tried to flee.

“She was already a store away and she was walking away pretty fast. We had to run pretty quick to catch up to her. And that’s when we detained her. We had to place her in handcuffs because she wasn’t really cooperative with us, wasn’t complying with our commands,” Mardueno said.

Police found drugs in her purse. And they found more incriminating evidence.

“Inside the purse along with the narcotics we found two more checks, identical company, just for different amounts,” Mardueno said.

The checks were made for hundreds of dollars in the name of a local agricultural company.

Coronado is charged with fraud and drug possession.

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