Yuma Police Department warns about warrant scam

YUMA, Ariz. - Yuma Police Department has been made aware of a scam involving warrants where people posing as court officials ask people to send pictures of their debit card to the scammer. 

YPD says the scammer contacts citizens by email. 

Scammers will tell the victims that a warrant is out for their arrest, attaching fake court documents and using names of actual court employees to make the email seem legitimate.   

The email asks the individuals to take pictures of their debit cards and to email the images back. 

The victims are then advised to mail the debit cards to a valid court address.

Scammers use the information from the photos of the debit cards to obtain funds immediately. 

The debit cards, which are now empty of funds, then arrive at the government office days later.

YPD said this scam has not reached Yuma County yet, but it is in Maricopa County and could come to Yuma at any time.

YPD urges residents to remember:

  • The courts will not call or email you telling you have a warrant.
  • The courts will not ask you for pre-paid cards, your debit card or credit card information to pay for a warrant.
  • The court will only take cash payment or payment from a bondsman as payment for a warrant.

Scammers are also sending emails that appear to be from your bank or credit card company telling you there is a problem with your account. 

There will be a link in the email, asking you to click on the link for more information to take care of the issue. 

Do not click on the link. 

Look up the legitimate phone number of a statement and use that number to contact your bank or credit card company.

If the phone call, email or letter seems odd or you question the validity of it, then it is more than likely a scam.

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