Yuma Police Department warns of new scam

Yuma PD warns of new scam

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Police Department (YPD) is warning the community of a new scam in Maricopa County that can make its way down to Yuma. 
The scam is an email that states there is a warrant for your arrest. The email details that in order to settle the warrant, you must send in a photo of your debit card. 
Upon sending a photo of your debit card, the email instructs you to submit your physical card to a local courthouse. The email signs the name with people who work at the courthouse. 
YPD said these courthouses worker names could be easily looked up online, making it more convincing to victims that the email for the warrant is real. 
According to YPD, they will never send out an email or even call someone and tell them they have a warrant for their arrest. 
Police said they would never ask for any card information.
If you feel as if a scam has affected you, contact your local police department.

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